MP3 At 3PM: That Ghost

That Ghost is the indie-rock project of San Francisco Bay musician Ryan Schmale. While That Ghost is a full, four-piece band when performing live, Schmale writes, records and plays all of the instruments when recording. New single “Tried To Like You”—off Schmale’s fifth album (the majority of which was recorded in his bedroom), Songs Out Here (twosyllable)—features languid, thrumming guitar, echoing vocals, steady drum beats and lightly jingling cymbals. The song sounds like it could have been played during the slow-dance portion of a ’50s sock-hop where you got milkshakes and drove up to Lookout Point afterward. Next time you’re entertaining a lady friend, you may want to break out That Ghost’s lo-fi acoustics and your letter jacket to set the ambiance. As a bonus, here’s an mp3 of Songs Out Here track “Calls.”

“To Like You” (download):

“Calls” (download):