MP3 At 3PM: 13 & God

The cross-continental triple-threat known as 13 & God is set to release its second LP, Own Your Ghost, May 17 on Anticon. Comprised of Bay Area art-rappers Themselves (Doseone and Jel, plus Subtle’s Dax and Antonionian) and venerable German electro-pop trio the Notwist, the collective recorded Own Your Ghost over three intensive sessions. The first was facilitated in Oakland by running a feed from a mixing board into Dax’s bedroom while the final two were recorded in the Notwist’s Weilheim studio. Own Your Ghost is the first record 13 & God has released since its eponymous debut arrived all the way back in 2005. Download the summery “Old Age” from the new collection below.

“Old Age” (download):