Adam Goldberg’s Heart Grows Fonder For: Paul McCartney’s “Ram”

The Goldberg Sisters is the new musical project from Adam Goldberg, the always entertaining actor/filmmaker whose impressive resume includes the likes of Saving Private RyanDazed And Confused, Friends, Entourage, Zodiac2 Days In Paris and the Flaming Lips’ Christmas On Mars. The band’s 10-track, self-titled album (on Apology Music/Play It Again Sam) follows Goldberg’s 2009 musical debut, Eros And Omissions, released under the moniker LANDy. As with that project, The Goldberg Sisters finds Goldberg collaborating with Aaron Espinoza (Earlimart, Admiral Radley), though this time out, the duo was assisted by a handful of other musicians, including Goldberg’s girlfriend Roxanne Daner on violin. The result is a satisfying collection of effects-heavy, urbane psychedelia held together by Goldberg’s high-pitched, Lennon-esque croon. Goldberg will be guest editing all week. Read our new Q&A with him.

Goldberg: I was one of the anti-Paul douchebags. I fell for the antipathy hook and line. It is true that many of his Beatles songs got on my nerves and true also that John resonated with me personally in a way that Paul never did. But I woke the fuck up. Thanks to Ram. Then thanks to a deeper, more studious exploration of Paul as bass player. Jesus Christ. I’m an ass. I still think there’s something funny about him, and “How Do You Sleep?” is still one of my favorite songs (though I usually envisage some heartbreaker of a gal before Paul as I wail in unison), but goddam Ram is brilliant.