Film At 11: The Black Swans

On May 31, the Misra label issuing Don’t Blame The Stars, the fourth album from the Black Swans. The Columbus, Ohio, band recorded the LP live in a garage in May 2008, and frontman Jerry DeCicca says he modeled Don’t Blame The Stars after Willie Nelson’s classic 1971 album Yesterday’s Wine. Album standout “I Forgot To Change The Windshield WIpers In My Mind” appeared earlier this year on the Misra Legacy Compilation Volume I, and today we are proud to premiere the video for the song on The clip was shot by Vicki Watts and edited by Tommy Britt, who says of the collaboration, “I approached the video with very little context for the footage and no direct interaction with the videographer or the band members, whom I’ve never met. I just received the footage one day … I really enjoyed putting together the crazy road-trip story line that I found in Vicki’s footage, because in a sense the subjects were unknown/mysterious to me and I had to decide what was the purpose of their road trip and their dancing and ghost riding. Hopefully people who see the video will feel that same sense of humor and surprise and mystery that I felt when I first encountered the footage—like getting into this car with these guys but not knowing the destination.” Buckle up!

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