MP3 At 3PM: The Fear And Trembling

The Fear And Trembling is a Brooklyn-by-way-of-Nashville quartet that marries strains of heavy and melodic rock music in such a way as to extract the best parts of both without compromising the end result. It’s a tough approach to execute well, a fact evidenced by the sheer scarcity of bands that’ve had any commercial or artistic success while taking a similar path, but one that’s hardly out-of-reach for the songwriter who can make sense of disparate genres while contributing fresh ideas to the conversation. This Old Earthquake, TFAT’s self-released second LP, does exactly that, taking its cues from space rock and metal to pop and soul, though in a way that never feels contrived or confused. Each of its nine songs is self-assured and apprised of its surroundings, never going too far in one direction without ensuring that its governing ideas remain intact. “Let Me Know You’re Mine” is perhaps the best example of this dynamic on the record, a track that roars at points and rocks gently at others, as if Mastodon were being led by Stephen Brodsky and Matt Talbott in a medley of songs written by Greg Dulli. This Old Earthquake, which was engineered by Converge’s Kurt Ballou at his Godcity Studios in Salem, MA, is available now through Bandcamp.

“Let Me Know You’re Mine” (download):

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