Film At 11: Pulseprogramming

With the lush and affecting “First They Fire,” Chicago’s pulseprogramming has reemerged with its first material since 2005. The song appears on Charade Is Gold, out via Portland’s Audraglint. pulseprogramming is a decade-strong multimedia collective centered around Marc Hellner, who is joined on the new collection by the delicate croon of vocalist Chanel Pease. Charade Is Gold, which was mixed by Telefon Tel Aviv’s Josh Eustice, is an immaculately warm effort, aided in no small measure by its strictly analog pedigree. Indeed, perhaps more than anything else released in the wake of winter, this needs to be your soundtrack to the warm and listless months ahead. Watch the Eustice-directed video for “First They Fire” below, and download an mp3 of the track.