What Record Are You Most Looking Forward To Next Week?

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24 replies on “What Record Are You Most Looking Forward To Next Week?”

We have been waiting a long time for this album!! I am so excited for Michael!!! Cant wait much longer!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Michael this is your time!!

Michael Grimm’s debute cd is the BEST I have ever heard. I was fortunate enogh to get mine early and will say his originals will bcome classics! There is a fresh feeling to this..carried with plenty of emotion! This will soar to great heights no doubt about it.

Just got back from Vegas attending Michael Grimm’s CD Release Party. It was the best concert I have ever attended. I have been listening to the CD non-stop and I can assure you all that you will not be dissapointed! It is his best work ever! A mix of cover and original songs with a touch of Blues, Rock, Classic, Country and downright Michael Grimm. Americanno as he calls it. It is truly wonderful. Love me some Michael Grimm!

Been waiting forever for his new cd! Heard samples & I can’t believe how good each song is!! His self-produced cd’s are amazing, can’t wait for this big label cd!

Michael is the best singer to date! I have all of his cd’s and they just get better and better! I am waiting to watch him receive a grammy and singer of the year. Michael is the total package to sum it up~~~~~tks MG

Reform The Resistance has a crazy unique one of a kind fresh sound with their album “The Truth is Dangerous” I have not heard anything quite like it and I will most likely listen to it on repeat for months.

Michael Grimm’s new self-titled CD is beyond all expectations. I’m playing it 24 hours a day and am already anticipating his next album. Waited forever for a voice like this!

Michael Grimm’s album is probably the best album I’ve ever heard. I was lucky enough to hear him live in Vegas last week and was blown away. I purchased his new cd with Epic and it’s nothing short of incredible. Can’t wait for him to get huge!

This is the best singer I’ve heard in a long time. His music, you don’t hear, you feel it. He can sing any kind of music. I look for this record to make him a super star once it gets out.

CONGRATULATIONS MICHAEL When I heard your voice but couldn’t find a person attached to the voice I knew I had to find you. I did so happy for you and happy I was some help to you. Honored I became your friend before you became untouchable. Best of everything Sandy and Jim Neer

I was talking about Michael Grimm in my comment above.. His music is awesome.

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