The Energy Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape

If you’ve ever found yourself trying to pinpoint just when punk rock wussed out on us, then you’ve clearly never been introduced to the Energy. The quartet dominates the Houston punk scene with its uninhibited rock characterized by violent guitar riffs, menacing lyrics and raw vocals. Get Split, the band’s second full-length (available now via the Team Science label), will make you feel like Black Flag and the Sex Pistols never left. We’re proud to give you this mix tape the band made, which features admirable use of the word “fuck” in just about every description.

“Thinking Cameras” (download):

Neneh Cherry “Buffalo Stance”
I just think this is a very catchy and fun song. Not much substance or meaning, but fuck, it’s fun—especially when you are really drunk or fucked up on a cocktail of illegal drugs. And every time I watch this video, she gets a little sexier each time. Video

Really Red “I Refuse To Sing”
Houston Fucking Texas. The greatest city on the face of the fucking planet. If the Ghetto Boys, ZZ Top or the Kashmere Stage Band weren’t enough to convince you, take a listen to this absolute fucking anthem. Still not sold? Stop reading this, and go choke yourself out in the closet. This song makes me real, real emotional. Video

Shotgun Solution “Apocalypse”
This is a great example of why Italian hardcore, for the most part, is the best in the world. High energy, spastic and angry. If you ever wondered what music for crazy people sounds like, look no further. Fuck it feels so fucking good. FuckVideo

Cactus “Parchman Farm”
The reason this song is so great is because, except for when he takes it down a bit to back the harmonica lead for a couple of measures, there are practically no guitar riffs. It is just three minutes of Jim McCarty going the fuck off. Video

Isley Brothers “Climbin’ Up the Ladder”
Fuck, these brothers could fuckin’ play. Earnie Fuckin’ Isley, man. That guy could fucking wail, man. Listen to this shit, man. Listen to that fucking riff go off. They just don’t make ’em like this any more. Fuck. Video

Raw Power “I Do What I Like”
Fuck, this song is so perfect from start to finish. Absolutely top-shelf, premium-quality riffing that just won’t stop, with fantastic ’80s-shred-style leads. Fucking seriously, try to get this one out of your head after listening. As a bonus, the Youtube clip includes the other song from that side of their classic “Wop Hour” seven-inch. Video

Sick Pleasure “Sick Pleasure”
This is a prototype of what hardcore punk is supposed to look and sound like. Ninety-nine-percent of people today who claim “hardcore” have no fucking idea what hardcore really is. It’s not a bunch of over-privileged ex-athletes playing rock. Hardcore is what is seen in this video. This is hardcore in it’s truest form. If you disagree then you are wrong, fuckers! Video

Eater “No Brains”
This clip was taken from The Punk Rock Movie. I have yet to see any footage of any band that represents the true spirit of punk like this one. Watch this video, and you will hear and see punk rock perfected right in front of you. Video

The Meters “Cissy Strut/Cardova/It’s Your Thing/Love the One You’re With” (Medley)
I picked up this CD used about a year ago, and it very quickly became one of my favorite recordings in the entire fucking world. The playing is fucking ridiculously tight, yet the recording is so raw and real. The Meters are fucking on fucking fire for this entire set. One particular highlight is during this epic jam: the point at which they snap into “It’s Your Thing” from “Cardova” a little before six minutes in. Fuck. Fucking flips my shit every time. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the Neville Brothers are great, but it’s all about Zigaboo and Leo for me. ZigabooZigabooZigaboo. Video

R.K.L. “Blocked Out”
This is a real fucking tear-jerker of a song. I don’t know what I can say about this band that would do them justice. They conquered rock ‘n’ roll and made it their own little play thing, and Rock And Roll Nightmare is the greatest album of all time. Period. R.K.L. should have owned the world, but of course they did not get the acclaim they deserved. Fuck the Beatles, fuck Elvis Fucking Presley. Bomber is god, motherfuckers! Again, if you disagree, then you are wrong! R.I.P. Video