Ivy’s Andy Chase Thinks Of You: Snowboarding

In commercial terms, Ivy is but a footnote in the career of bassist Adam Schlesinger, who between his duties in Fountains Of Wayne and his work as a prolific songwriter for hire has made far greater claims on the public’s attention. But in a world where diffident cool trumped sugary snark, the trio of Schlesinger, Andy Chase and singer Dominique Durand would have reaped richly deserved rewards. All Hours (Nettwerk), Ivy’s sixth album and its first since 2005, continues the electronic excursions of In The Clear while maintaining the ironclad melodies that anchor early shoulda-been hits like “This Is The Day.” Durand and Chase, who are married with children, will be guest editing magnetmagazine.com all week. Read our brand new Q&A with them.

Chase: Snowboarding is the greatest sport ever invented. Seriously. But I grew up skiing, and back then, to me, snowboarders were just a bunch of jokey, burn-out, wannabe skiers who looked pretty ridiculous stuck to a big piece of wood going down the slopes. One ski trip, I decided to give it a 15-minute try, just out of sheer boredom that day, and it was like being struck by lightning. I had the epiphany of all epiphanies. The boots were more comfortable than my sneakers, the body stance felt natural, and your movements as you maneuvered left and right down the mountain felt natural and graceful, allowing you to softly trace your fingers over the snow as you cruised. I realized that I’d wasted my entire life on the wrong sport, denying myself what really was my true calling. I immediately sold my skis and never looked back. If I have three or more free days in a row during the winter, I’ll only be doing one thing: heading to the slopes with either my Burton or Ride snowboard. Everyone should try it. Just once.

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