Seventeen Evergreen Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape

Seventeen Evergreen (a.k.a. “cognitive computers, singers and multi-instrumentalists” Nephi Evans and Caleb Pate) has returned after a five-year hiatus to grace us with some new tunes. The San Francisco duo’s sophomore LP, Steady On, Scientist!, is still in the works, but in the mean time, they offer you the four-track Psyentist EP (out December 6 via Lucky Number Music). Psyentist’s electronic sound somehow simultaneously inhabits the realms of funk, psychedelia and dance-pop, and it’s sure to tide you over while you wait. Pate made us this “Deep Lunar Heartbreak/Fall Swoon Mix.”

“Angels” (download):

Tones On Tail “Rain”
The swooniest of the meteorologically based longing and transportive song vehicles. Are we on a plane, spaceship, submarine, or is this house located deep under the sea? So warm now … Video

Cocteau Twins “Lazy Calm”
Even warmer now. A new language, billions of bubbles, swagged-out drifter saxophone, then when the bass finally comes in at 2:57, we’re dreaming now. Video

The Dukes Of Stratosphear “Brainiac’s Daughter”
Psych alter-ego, pure genius. Back when the ’80s were the ’60s apparently. Oh, and bubbles! Video

PS22 Chorus “Round And Round” (Ariel Pink)
Every child deserves a music teacher like this. When the bridge comes in at 1:31, wow! The beauty of this melody and the elation of these kids is goosebump-inducing bliss. Video

John Maus “Believer”
This melody is so reminiscent of something we almost recall in our pop memories. All the murk and reverb can’t hide the perfect pop here. Video

The Field Mice “Quicksilver”
This lovely juvenile heartbreak melody is so gorgeous. But beware, nostalgia could kill us all. Dream on, children. Video

The Cure “All Cats Are Grey”
Dark, gorgeous beauty. Way beyond the darkness, full circle. This one is from Faith. Video

Dungen “Öga Näsa Mun”
From a recent Jack White-commissioned single for Third Man. Still sounds just like them. These guys can do no wrong, and this Floydian drifter has swoon set on 11. (I could only find the live version online.) Video

The Beach Boys “Forever”
A Dennis heartbreaker, timeless, perfect. Enough said. Video

Super Fury Animals “Sarn Helen”
According to Wolfram Math World, the plural of axis is axes. This is one of the few tunes here that delivers both of the thematic axes of this mix in spades. The Welsh alter-ego of the SFA delivers the warmth at 2:39 against the rural madness elsewhere in the track. Video