From The Desk Of Imperial Teen: Pilates

Imperial Teen has been around for longer than you think; roughly 15 years to be exact. Wielding its own distinct brand of pop/rock, the quartet has since crafted a solid niche for itself on the indie scene, particularly thanks to the experience of seasoned pros Will Schwartz, Roddy Bottum, Jone Stebbins and Lynn Truell. Known for its complex lyrics and catchy hooks, Imperial Teen has made a solid mark in the music world during its run, especially with new album Feel The Sound (Merge). We decided to test that experience by inviting the band to guest edit all week. Read our brand new Q&A with Schwartz.

Stebbins: Exercise you can do while laying down? Sign me up! Pilates is an exercise method that uses springs and pulleys for resistance and builds alot of core strength. I pretty much hate most exercise, but I really dig pilates.

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