You Can Be A Wesley Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape

You Can Be A Wesley was formed when Boston University students Saara Untracht-Oakner, Winston Macdonald, Nick Curran and Dylan Ramsey joined forces in the basement of a dorm room with a broken laptop and a free mixing program. Now the quartet lives in a house together and upgraded to some proper recording equipment to present us with its self-released new EP, Nightosphere, which combines the beachy energy of Best Coast with the mellowed-out ambience of Deerhunter. Check out the mix tape the band made for us below.

“Talking Science” (download):

Ringo Deathstarr “Down On You”
Ringo Deathstarr is the closest I’ll get to seeing My Bloody Valentine perform. I caught them at Great Scott earlier this summer, our go-to rock club in town, and this song hit particularly hard. The washy guitars, airy vocals, so fucking loud, so damn sexy. Video

Carsick Cars “Zhang Nan Hai”
This song embodies the conviction necessary to storm mountains. The melody is simple and basically barked over squeals of feedback and one super-jangly, Sonic Youth-style riff. Then it falls apart for a straight four minutes and resolves near-perfect with that same barked melody. I actually have this song tattooed on my arm. Great impulse decision prior to leaving last March’s SXSW. Video

Bear In Heaven “You Do You”
My favorite part about this band is the drums. It sounds like the drummer has eight arms and legs, and after seeing them live it still seems like he should. But he only has to arms and two legs, and they move very fast in patterns I can’t comprehend. Video

Happy Birthday “Subliminal Message
On our tour last summer we listened to this album every time we got into the van. Kyle Thomas has some of the best vocal melodies I’ve ever heard. His range allows unpredictable twists and turns in melodies that keeps his songs exciting, even after the 10th time in the same day. Video

M83 “Run Into Flowers”
This song gives me chills. That’s when I know it’s really good. It’s so good that I can feel how good it is. The synth travels through my body and syncs with blood flow and heartbeat and everything else that goes unconsciously to keep me alive. It’s simple and doesn’t seem to try but every part is essential, just like breathing. Video

Tame Impala “It’s Not Meant To Be
This song is like a psychedelic floatation device. The crunchy drums cut through the flangey guitar and the bass and vocals guide the song to a dreamy trance. This is definitely a good headphone song. Video

Starfucker “Bury Us Alive
Turn this song up really loud in your car with the windows down and drive down a windy road. I guarantee you’ll be smiling the whole time. Video

Yuck “Get Away”
Yuck is the love child of just about every guitar-driven band of the ’90s. The lead guitar sounds like a great Dinosaur Jr song. It makes me feel like a confused love-sick teenager moping in my bedroom with greasy hair and a flannel. And I like that. (Also, the guitar tone in this video is unreal.) Video

Deerhunter “He Would Have Laughed”
I think I listened to this song every night before I went to sleep for a full six months, and I would always pass out right as the guitar cuts out at the end. It’s as devastating as it is soothing. The pacing, the sequencing, the way the guitars fall in and out of layers … And then at the end, a sudden transformation to a handful of barre chords and Bradford Cox crooning, “Where did my friends go?” Goddamn. Video