MP3 At 3PM: Lyonnais

There’s this feeling one gets when listening to Atlanta band Lyonnais‘ new LP, Want For Wish For Nowhere (Hoss), that’s not unlike being jettisoned off into some anesthetic-addled dream state. It creates an atmosphere immediately and refuses to let you drift back to consciousness until it’s through with you. Even when you’re alert again, the record’s noisy yet beautiful and melancholic passages remain cemented for days. Want’s structure adds to this blissful delirium, stretching five songs out to the length of an LP, on which “The Fatalist” plays a key role. And, despite the rather long track times, the music itself never grows tiresome. There’s a narrative at work here, one that prods with harsh, oblique textures at points and pulls back (albeit darkly) into paens to astral wonderment at others. And through it all runs a clear dedication to craft, to something larger than the sum of its parts: an atmosphere, yes, but also a sense of place within so many of rock’s great subcultures, oft-maligned by the guileless and embraced by the daring. Download “The Fatalist” below.

“The Fatalist” (download):

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