MP3 At 3PM: Tu Fawning

Tu Fawning’s “Bones” is nothing if not well-orchestrated. It’s a brave venture into uncharted territory, an experiment that tests boundaries and does so wonderfully. This seven-minute sonic journey starts off slow, building off primal rhythms and gaining a frenetic energy. It’s an incredibly layered piece, but every note is perfectly, almost meticulously, placed. The first three minutes are pure instrumentation, but they’re also arguably the best part of the song. After the impeccable intro, the song wanders into a few different styles—including electro-pop and South African—but manages to keep discordance at bay. “Bones” is a fantastic sign of what Tu Fawning’s upcoming album, A Monument, will bring when it’s released via City Slang on May 15. Download “Bones” below.

“Bones” (download):