MP3 At 3PM: The Mynabirds

The Mynabirds, Laura Burhenn’s latest project, inspires comparisons with lady superstars such as PJ Harvey and Nina Simone. The group’s new single, the title track to Generals, out June 5 via Saddle Creek, is part protest song and part musical experimentation. Burhenn, who toured with labelmate Bright Eyes for five years, stomps as much as she serenades. The track amplifies her political frustrations as she sings, “Haven’t we paid our dues?” This song may not be the stuff of riot grrrl, but it’s full of hands clappin’, feet stompin’ and some seriously delicious bass lines. While it’s unclear exactly what she wants us to fight against, Burhenn’s message sounds loud and clear.

“Generals” (download):