From The Desk Of Dr. Dog: Mappy

Last summer, rock ‘n’ roll six-piece Dr. Dog made a return to its Philadelphia home studio to record its seventh album, Be The Void (Anti-). In MAGNET #85 (order a copy here), we talked to the group’s founding members, co-songwriters and vocalists Scott McMicken (guitar) and Toby Leaman (bass), about that journey, and what it takes to bring a band with a formidable label deal and a professional touring setup back to its DIY roots. One thing that has remained consistent in Dr. Dog’s music across its evolving career is a juxtaposition of existential, occasionally desperate lyrical concerns with exuberant pop songs. Dr. Dog keyboardist Zach Miller will be guest editing all week. Read our new Q&A with McMicken and Leaman.

Miller: Imagine you’re a mouse working the beat in the Micro Police when you get the call that will change your life forever: A group of super sexy Meowkies and their no good Big Bit Boss Goro have gone on a crime spree. Missing are two radios, two TVs, two computers, two Mona Lisas and two safes. All you have at your disposal are some doors, trampolines and the sheer will and determination to recover these stolen treasures, no matter how long you have to chase Big Bit and his harem of minxish Meowkies. Dimitri found this video game in a thrift store as part of one of those multi-game units with a joystick you plug into your TV. We are totally obsessed with this game. Frank has the high score of 120,000, but our soundguy Whiz thinks he can get to 200,000 before our New York show on March 23. They have $100 riding on that claim. I say fat chance. Sorry, Whiz.