From The Desk Of Wooden Wand: Coleman / Three Studies For A Crucifixion “Crucifixion Of Coleman” Split 12-Inch

James Jackson Toth (better known by his nom de plume, Wooden Wand) and MAGNET go way back. We’ve been rabidly following his prolific, genre-eschewing career over the last decade: 100-plus records and counting, from short run seven-inches and handmade CD-Rs to major releases on some of the world’s most respected indie labels, including Kill Rock Stars, Ecstatic Peace and Young God, covering everything from the freakiest of folk to the most American rock ‘n’ roll money can buy. We’ve been lucky enough to have him as guest editor of a couple of other times over the years, and he’s hooked us up with great mix tapes and been a constant source of great discussions about music. Toth will be guest editing all week. Read our new Q&A with him.

Toth: Re-bought this on a whim recently having not heard it in years (I still own my original copy, but hell if I can locate it), and I was surprised by how well the Coleman side of this split 12-inch, in particular, holds up. Ferocious blasts of chaotic proto-power violence that would make Arthur Janov proud, grinded out by a trio of righteously raging Boston crusties. So few of these old hardcore records hold up, but this one does in a pretty huge way. I bet Magik Markers dig this record.

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