MP3 At 3PM: Dntel

When it comes down to it, many indie and electronic artists owe their sound to Dntel. Jimmy Tamborello has been shaping electronic tones and sounds for well more than a decade now. From solo work to his time as the other half of the Postal Service, Tamborello has shared his skills with many artists across the spectrum. “Bright Night,” off Aimlessness (out June 5 via Pampa), is full of Tamborello’s standard glitch-synth sound; only, at this point, it’s matured like a fine wine. Tape hiss warms our ears while Tamborello begins his keen layering of blips and bloops. With guests such as Baths, Nite Jewel and Geotic, Aimlessness should turn out to be a truly special release. Download “Bright Night” below.

“Bright Night” (download):