Guy Capecelatro III Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape

Mamaroneck, N.Y., native Guy Capecelatro III has had his fair share of experience playing in a multitude of bands ever since picking up the guitar at age 10. Naturally, this built him an impressive circle of musician friends he often calls upon to help him with his solo efforts, including North For The Winter, which is available now and features contributions from more than 30 artists. It came as no surprise to us here at MAGNET that Capecelatro decided to return the favor, saying, “In putting a list of songs together for this ‘mix tape,’ I realized that it was quickly filling up with songs by friends so I figured I’d let it be just that with the hopes that some of MAGNET’s readers might discover some of these wonderfully talented folks.”

“Like Anything” (download):

South China “Japan”
This Biddeford duo generate some of the most lusciously evocative music with minimal instrumentation. This song was written as part of the RPM Challenge, in which bands are encouraged to write and record an album in the month of February. They’re so conscious of the space between the notes and always inspiring. Video

Jason Anderson “So Long”
Jason will change the way you experience music. He makes every show so special and demands your full attention so that you are pulled into each song. This clip is from a show at night in the Palmer woods and will give you a sense of the astonishment. Video

Jill Andrews “Worth Keeping”
Jill hails from Tennessee and cut her teeth with the Everybodyfields, an alt-country-esque band that wrote beautifully classic songs. Her voice is just staggering and conveys so much emotion. Video

Tan Vampires “Digital Rot”
Listening to this performance of the opening track to their newest album shows the full range and creativity of this New Hampshire band. Jake writes amazingly well-constructed pop songs that eschew modern conventions. And his band is phenomenal. Video

Hotel Alexis “The Range”
Sidney Lindner makes genius recordings that seem to crawl from an enticingly dark cavern and recoil, slightly, in the light. The songs weave the personal and poetic and swell and recede to luminous effect. He played in Torrez, Golden Hotel, Winter Sons and puts things out under his own name as well. All are worth tracking down. Video

Pearl And The Beard “The Lament Of Coronado Brown”
This Brooklyn trio makes sublime, infectious songs that are weird and catchy and fun all at once. With each of the members contributing songs, they capture an amazing range of sound and emotion. Video

Matt Bauer “Blacklight Horses”
This music is steeped in Appalachian tradition while being totally contemporary at the same time. Matt’s reedy vibrato is simultaneously thick with yearning and triumph. For this video he directed, his singing foil is the amazing Jolie Holland. Video

Snowblink “Ambergris”
Toronto’s Snowblink makes weird and wonderful songs with brilliant arrangements and wildly poetic lyrics that stand true on paper. Their shows are varied and awe inspiring. Now they need to make a new one as it’s been too many years since “Long Live” dropped. Video

Brown Bird “Muck And Mire”
This video features the previous incarnation of Providence band Brown Bird when South China members Jeremy and Jerusha Robinson and lap-steel player Mike Samos fleshed out the sound. Here you get a sense of the dynamics, tempo changes, amazing harmonies and stellar songwriting these guys execute. Video

TW Walsh “Make It Rhyme”
Tim is a songwriter and engineer who writes tantalizingly infectious songs that put a weird spin on semi-classic rock. Sadly I couldn’t find any great videos, but here’s a song from his recent Songs Of Pain And Leisure that displays his playful sense of word craft and extraordinary musicianship. Video

Strand Of Oaks “Sterling”
Tim Showalter’s songs can be immensely personal or accurately historic or strange character studies, but all embody a charismatic reverence and determination. Live you get the full sense of his tantalizingly powerful voice and affable stage presence. Video

Anna Vogelzang “Judy Garland”
Anna is a classically trained singer/songwriter who weaves poetic narratives with intricate picking and strumming. Her songs are strange and wonderful glimpses into little worlds. Here she’s performing with the freakishly talented Joe Arnold and the sweet-voiced Emily Brodsky. Video

Hello Shark “Montreal Canyons”
I so love the rambling narrative of Lincoln Halloran and the slippery guitar lines. Another band that doesn’t feel the need to clutter up every measure; they just plod along and breathe where the breathing is good. Video

The Mommyheads “Bingham’s Hole”
MAGNET readers are assuredly aware of the Mommyheads as they pop up frequently on this site, but these guys make perfect, twisted pop songs with impeccable harmonies and tremendous musicianship. This song is from an amazing concert in Sweden. Video