From The Desk Of Marissa Nadler: The “Shaking Through” Series

Dreamy folkie or doom-metal goth? Party girl or paralyzed wallflower? Yes, yes, formerly and forever, says Massachusetts singer/songwriter Marissa Nadler. Debuting in 2003 with the self-released Ballads Of Living And Dying (a macabre, wintry decree by a 23-year-old ice queen, rife with literary allusions and unambiguous in title only), Nadler found herself eight years later back on her own, her crystalline hymns slightly thawed on 2011’s Marissa Nadler (the first release on her Box Of Cedar imprint) and her skin greatly thickened from a brief courtship (and briefer contractual release) by Kemado Records and offshoot Mexican Summer. Nadler’s sixth album, The Sister, is due May 29 on Box Of Cedar, and she will also be guest editing all this week. Read our brand new Q&A with her.

Nadler: WXPN and Weathervane Music, both out of Philadelphia, run the Shaking Through series. This documentary music series, run by Brian McTear and Peter English, showcases musicians making a recording of one song, and a video documenting the process. “One Song in two days. From first take to final mix. No extensions. No safety net.” There is even an option to download the raw tracks to make remixes of them. The first episode was Sharon Van Etten recording the song “Love More. ” This song ended up being covered by the National and Bon Iver, and helped her music start to reach lots of people. The series is extremely well done, with great filmmakers, a great studio and a lot of heart behind it.

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