From The Desk Of The Twilight Sad’s James Graham: DVD Boxed Sets And TV Shows

On their latest, No One Can Ever Know (FatCat), Scotland’s best musical export since the Jesus And Mary Chain tear down their walls of guitar noise to reveal the icy synths beneath. For fans, it’s a radical departure for the Twilight Sad that’s nevertheless easy to digest, as frontman James Graham’s distinctive Scottish vocals and gloomy lyrical outlook remain front and center. Graham will be guest editing all week. Check out coverage of the Twilight Sad in issue #85, as well as our extended Q&A with Graham.

Graham: When we’re on tour, it’s important to have a TV series to watch so we don’t have to talk to each other. I think American TV has been great over the years, especially HBO programmes. At the moment my two favourite American TV series are Mad Men and Game Of Thrones. There’s nothing that I can say that hasn’t been said about these programmes before. The writing in Mad Men is flawless (I want to be Don Draper), and Game Of Thrones is going to be pretty fucking epic. The U.K. have recently stepped up their game, especially the BBC with series like Sherlock and Luther.

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