From The Desk Of The Cult’s Ian Astbury: Lahore Deli, Crosby Street, NYC

Ian Astbury is so much funnier than we imagined. The Cult, his mighty metal-crunching band with guitarist Billy Duffy, has just released Choice Of Weapon (Cooking Vinyl), the newest and best Cult album since 1994’s The Cult. In our Q&A with him, Astbury takes down those who make themselves authoritarian without merit—music journalists, politicians—in a fashion similar to his highly personal lyrical outlook on Weapon. He is guest editing magnetmagazinecom all week with the same candor.

Astbury: The best chai I have ever tasted outside of India. I sat in here on many nights in the small hours on one of the six stools available, contemplating life and talking to the crew. Especially through the biting East Coast winter blizzards. It’s pretty amazing who rolls in at 3 a.m.

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