From The Desk Of Rebecca Gates: Swimming Pools Around The World

More than 10 years have passed since Rebecca Gates put out her solo debut, Ruby Series. The former member of the Spinanes mostly shifted her energy to other projects: coordinating and managing exhibitions for museums, lecturing at arts centers, composing music for dance and film, participating in performance pieces and stylizing photos for magazines. She also did some bookkeeping, retreated to Rhode Island and helped friends build a movie theater. But as time and money allowed, she also popped back into studios to put together her follow-up, The Float (12XU). Gates will be guest editing all week. Read our brand new Q&A with her.

Gates: A 50-meter swimming pool is a treat anytime, especially when traveling. On offer is meditative repetition and specific, reassuring sounds of water, muted voices and echoes. Each rise or twist for breath offers a snapshot view recorded and ready for recall. I prefer outdoor swims—Interlaken (the Alps), Adelaide (perfect light and florescent buoys), Balmorhea (West Texas bluffs and migrating birds)—but indoors is just fine: Melbourne (sweeping window views), Paris (wild tile patterns), Pasadena and Basel (specific geometries of poolside buildings).

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