From The Desk Of The Cribs’ Gary Jarman: David Richards

In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull (Wichita), the follow-up to 2009’s enormously successful Ignore The Ignorant, represents a physical return to the Cribs’ original band-of-Brit-brothers format—Gary Jarman on bass/vocals, his twin Ryan on guitar/vocals and younger sibling Ross on drums—after the departure of the massively influential Johnny Marr. The Smiths guitarist added sinewy guitar and a palpable sense of maturation to the Cribs’ already potent sound, and given the new LP’s blend of visceral raw-punk energy and full-bodied pop melodicism, Marr’s two-year tenure with the band left an obvious mark on it creative approach. Gary will be guest editing all week. Read our recent feature on the Cribs.

Jarman: David Richards is a record producer, having produced some of the biggest albums of the ’80s–working with artists such as David Bowie, Iggy Pop and most famously Queen, becoming their house engineer for all of their later-period albums (our favorite period, largely overlooked in the U.S.A.!). He mainly works in live recording now for the Montreux Jazz Festival, but we tracked him down to record sessions for our latest LP. It was a really amazing experience to watch him work in his very meticulous, incredibly high-fidelity way. Genius, really. He is an expert at making those massive-sounding records of the ’80s, and it was incredible to watch. We have so much respect for him and his abilities. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for the Cribs, but I am really happy we had this surreal experience with one of the old masters.

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