BRAINSTORM, an experimental pop/rock trio from Portland, Ore., is rhythmic, melodious and never short on the guitar, drawing from Western Africa for inspiration. Making its name touring the country for the past three years, the band is ready to release Heat Waves on October 2 via Tender Loving Empire. Here’s a cool mix tape BRAINSTORM made for MAGNET.

“Beast In The Sky” (download):

Jess Sah Bi & Peter One “Cote D’Ivoire”
Found this video via amazing blog Awesome Tapes From Africa. Jess Sah Bi & Peter One happen to make their own weird brand of country music out of Africa, “Coite De Ivoire” to be specific. Their record¬†Our Garden Needs Its Flowers is amazing. It’s a bummer that the video cuts out early, but its visual aesthetic and the heartfelt singing is worth every second. Video

Raleigh Moncrief “Lament For Morning”
A self-produced video by the talented fellow who recorded our upcoming album. Robby Moncrieff (a.k.a. Raleigh Moncrief) kills it with this song. Love the chopped-up, panned-vocal synths. Video

Zinja Hlungwani “Nwa Gezani My Love”
This song is a summer anthem, off the incredible Shangaan Electro compilation (new-wave dance music from South Africa). I love the song, but this video takes the cake. I think they’re green-screened, dancing in front of Windows XP desktop backgrounds!? Video

Ata Kak “Daa Nyinaa”
Such a good track from the mysterious and incredible Ata Kak. I don’t know if this is a fan video or not, but I love the dance moves and weird club vibes. Video

Gardens & Villa “Black Hills”
Single from contemporary group Gardens & Villa. Definitely another band that tries to seem together a variety of influences into a blend of intelligent pop. I had this song on repeat for a few weeks. Video

Unknown Mortal Orchestra “Thought Ballune”
These fellow Portland, Ore., homies took off like a virus when their songs leaked to Pitchfork last year. The production quality on the whole record is really cool, phased out and degraded with an undeniable catchiness all the while. Video

Group Inerane “Ago Nagarus”
The band that turned me onto Tuareg desert blues even before Tinariwen. Some real deal garage rock out of Agadez, Niger. Video

Mdou Moctar “Niger”
Mdou Moctar is a hometown hero in Tchin-tabaraden, Niger. His music is heard blasting off shitty cellphone speakers throughout the Sahel region of Africa, and we were fortunate enough to collaborate with him on a split-seven-inch record on Sahel Sounds Records. This is a video of him jamming at a local wedding. How goddamn fun does that look!? Video

Yellowman “Zungguzungguguzungguzeng”
I love the jankey quality of this video and song, for that matter. It’s already totally f’ed as a video, but the upload to the internet made it even more messed up. Great song, though, pure summertime, reggae/dancehall fun. Video

GG & Top “Knock Out”
A coworker of mine at the restaurant I work at showed me this video a few months ago. The track is produced by Diplo, and these two are apparently the biggest deal in the Korean rap/pop scene. No idea what to make of the Playboy references and bizarre posturing, but I am in love with it. Video

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