From The Desk Of Amanda Palmer: Pentel Plastic-Tipped Fountain Pens

Amanda Palmer has been a busy lady. It’s been four years since her last record, Who Killed Amanda Palmer, and in the interim she’s been dabbling in all sorts of projects: business (you can read about her huge Kickstarter success), music (channeling her musical roots for her new album, Theatre Is Evil) and fun (adapting Neutral Milk Hotel for a high-school production). Palmer will also be guest editing all week. Read our brand new feature on her.

Palmer: They’re just awesome. I write hard. I generally like rolling razor-point pens or fine felt-tip pens that I can abuse. But I’m cranky about pens. They always die on me. When I found this pen, my life changed. They make the most satisfying feeling running over a journal page. I now order them by the box since they’re almost impossible to find in stores. I found my first one, years ago, in a stationary store in Edinburgh, and I’ve been sort of pen-monogamous since. I mean, not really. I sleep with other pens all the time, but I’m always thinking about the Pentel. Isn’t that the way? Our heart can belong to many. Put it this way: I’m in an open marriage with the Pentel plastic-tipped fountain pen. I fuck around with other pens, but my main loyalty is unarguable.

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