Mission Of Burma Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape

Mission Of Burma is uniformly recognized as one of the greatest post-punk bands of all time. After reuniting in 2002 for a few shows, the group has returned full force, releasing four albums since 2004. Unsound (Fire) is the band’s latest. Check out the mix tape MOB’s Roger Miller made us below, and catch the band on its current Midwestern tour.

“Dust Devil” (download):

The Future Of The Left “The Hope that House Built”
I consider them to be one of the very best current bands. They manage to incorporate pop-related hooks while cranking at 100. Big fave in Burma-Land.

Helen Money “In Tune”
Of all the many people these days doing solo looping shows, she has the best ideas and sounds. She makes it work live, too: just her, her cello and her devices.

Steve Reich “Music For 18 Musicians”
This piece was written in 1976 and pumps along in a truly ecstatic fashion. If you can see it performed live (I’ve seen/heard it at the New England Conservatory twice), it’s well worth it. Those were the days when “serious music composers” were taking psychedelics!

Tony Williams Lifetime “Via The Spectrum Road”
This trio of drums, organ and guitar is totally ass-kicking. Same time period as Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew, but I think it was just before. Raw as hell.

Fucked Up “The Chemistry Of Modern Life”
Love this album, especially the title track. Truly epic.

PJ Harvey “Man Size”
She tells it like it is, and often.

The Kinks “Till The End Of The Day”
Killer hit from 1965, with yet another great Dave Davies guitar solo.

Edgard Varese “Ionization”
Mr. Varese was the first composer to compose for all percussion as “serious music.” This 1925 composition clobbers one with anvils, sirens, woodblocks and everything else. Kick-ass riffs to boot.