From The Desk Of Firewater’s Tod A: Things I Can’t Travel Without (“The Economist”)

Firewater frontman Tod A likes to travel. The ex-Cop Shoot Cop leader and longtime New Yorker spent almost three years on the road following the release of 2008’s The Golden Hour, finally settling down to live in Istanbul. New album International Orange! (Bloodshot) was made there and in Tel Aviv during last year’s Arab Spring. Of course Tod hit the road immediately to promote the LP, but a couple weeks ago he tripped on a cobblestone, breaking his kneecap and forcing the tour to be postponed. Tod will, however, be guest editing all week, writing about the things he can’t travel without. Read our brand new Q&A with him.

A: $7. I don’t understand why I still have to defend myself to other liberals for reading this magazine. I am about as left wing as they come, and The Economist‘s political reporting is second-to-none. While Time and Newsweek are firing bureau chiefs like it’s going out of style, The Economist still has knowledgeable reporters with boots on the ground pretty much everywhere it matters, plus a bunch of places you’ve probably never heard of.

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