From The Desk Of Aesop Rock: “Rad Moves”

Following a five-year hiatus, San Francisco-via-NYC hip-hop artist Aesop Rock recently returned with his first solo album since None Shall Pass. Released by the Rhymesayers label, Skelethon is the rapper’s effort to come to terms with the death of a close friend, as well as the deterioration of several friendships and close relationships. “Death has become commonplace in my life,” he says. “The past few years was an endless period of skeletons. But, hopefully, Skelethon will help put all of this behind me. It’s like a giant purging—like finishing a chapter and preparing to jump into the next one.” Aesop will also be guest editing all week. Read our recent feature on him.

Aesop: “Rad Moves” is a song written by Evan Lurie for the children’s TV program The Backyardigans, and it is my favorite song. It appears in season one’s 13th episode, “Surf’s Up” when Pablo runs into Tyrone on Tall Palm Beach while searching for Tiki Beach (home of the perfect wave). Tyrone is prepping his surfboard and explains to Pablo that he will need some “rad moves” if he wants to surf there.

As it would happen, Pablo does in fact have the “rad moves,” and the two waste no time showcasing their maneuvers. The song is infectious in the best way possible, and if I play it once I end up playing it five more times. The organs and horns make for a unique, crime-jazz-influenced surf anthem, and the lyrics are beyond awesome. It gets stuck in my head and puts a smile on my face more than just about any other song I can think of. “Rad Moves” was on our pre-show playlist for a long time, and I’m sure it will return soon.

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