Sallie Ford And The Sound Outside Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape


Sallie Ford And The Sound Outside released their third album, Untamed Beast (Partisan), on February 29. The vicious-yet-tame Ford has a timeless and authoritative rock ‘n’ roll candor, and quite the voice to back it up. The Portland, Ore., inhabitant has gifted MAGNET with a mix tape that includes some modern fuzz rock, punk from the yesteryears and Skeeter Davis. Check it out below.

“They Told Me” (download):

Allah-Las “Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind)”
This band is retro in all the right ways. They have an old sound, but still have their own sound. The more time I spend listening to their self-titled album, the more I love it. All the songs are catchy and fit all moods. It’s a winter album, yet a summer album. It’s a dance record, yet I can listen to it while I doze off for a nap. Video

Tame Impala “Elephant”
I love that psychedelic music is all the rage right now. It’s fine by me. This band makes awesome music that feels genuine and well done. The syncopated rhythm and breakdown make this song super interesting to listen to and catchy to boot. It’s pretty sweet that they are from Australia and the guy has some swagger similar to Lennon, and he owns it. Video

Ty Segall “Love Fuzz”
Everything this kid puts out kicks ass and he puts out a lot of records. It is like a punkier, surfier Beatles, but lo-fi style. This song is what it would sound like if I saw a super hot babe at a trashy bar and started fantasizing about our future love affair. Video

Mac Demarco “Cooking Up Something Good”
Mac Demarco made me change my mind about using a guitar “chorus” pedal, at least I think that’s what his guitar effect sounds like. I used to hate “chorus” until I heard his album 2. It’s as if the two guitars are having a dialogue with each other in every song. I cannot pinpoint what exactly Demarco’s “sound” is, but I like that he came up with his own genre “jizz jazz” just to mess with people’s heads. Video

Father John Misty “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings”
When I went to Father John Misty’s concert a few months ago, the guy standing next to me said “every guy that’s here with his girlfriend should realize every girl in this room wants Father John Misty’s nuts.” I can verify that from my personal point of view. The first time I heard this “misty” man was when I saw his Letterman performance of “Nancy From Now On.” The man has moves, is an awesome lyricist and has a smooth, creamy voice. I also have a suspicion this song is about makin’ whoopee in a graveyard. Video

Skeeter Davis “What Does It Take (To Keep A Man Like You Satisfied)”
You may know the song “End Of The World” from the soundtrack of Girl, Interrupted. That’s the first song I heard from Skeeter Davis. I’m smitten with every one of Skeeter’s not quite country, dark pop songs, with tales about unfaithful boyfriends, being dumped and the end of the world. The lyrics are a contrast to her sweet harmony driven vocals. I love the ’60s production of this song. They just don’t make ’em like they used to. Video

Joan Jett “I Love Rock N Roll”
I’m more obsessed with this music video, than this song, although this song rocks. I just love Joan’s style and the way she uses her eyebrows and widened eyeliner covered eyes to stare into your soul. Video (It’s cool that they also have a black-and-white version of the video.)

The Monks “I Hate You”
The Monks were like punk rock before it existed. When this song first starts you expect a guy with a soft, fluffy voice to sing some song about how he loves his girlfriend. Instead you get a screaming, crazy, soulful and powerful voice belting about how he hates his girlfriend. It’s brilliant. Listen to their whole record Black Monk TimeVideo

X “Come Back To Me”
I have been trying to listen to more punk bands recently, and I was introduced to X. I love how they didn’t just make “punk” music. This song is a good example of that. It is the slowest song on the record, but my favorite. The rest of the record is raw and filled with great mix of female and male vocals. Video

Blondie “Hanging On The Telephone”
I have been trying to find more music that is rockin’ and has a female frontwoman. I had heard some songs by Blondie, but I’ve been listening to a lot more. They had a lot of fame, but still made pop songs that rocked. They also have some naughty undertones, like the fact that they’re named after Hitler’s dog and that Debbie Harry was a Playboy Bunny. Not too shabby. Video

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