From The Desk Of Devendra Banhart: Ed Loftus

DevendraBanhartLogoLife after 30 finds the original freak folker putting away hippy-dippy things. Meet Devendra Banhart Version 2.0: shorn, showered, shaved, engaged, focused and wearing a shirt. He’s also making the finest music of his career. New album Mala (Nonesuch) is the best thing he’s done since his debut. Guest appearances are few and far between, so what comes through is the thing that’s always been Banhart’s greatest asset: himself. He will be guest editing all week. Read our recent print cover story on him.


Banhart: I first saw Ed Loftus‘ work at the Berkeley Art Museum; it had been recently acquired, and I could not believe what I was seeing: graphite on paper? I still don’t understand … But even more than the incredibly difficult (to me) materials, and masterful technique, I always find what he chooses to draw so calming, meditative, comforting and deeply nostalgic in such a clean and quiet way. Jeeze, I’m a fan and wanted to share his work with ya.