From The Desk Of The Love Language: North Carolina Music

LoveLanguageLogoThe Love Language’s Ruby Red (Merge) was supposed to be finished more than a year ago. “I can definitely overthink stuff,” says Stuart McLamb, the band’s singer, songwriter, guitarist, bassist and only full-time member. Over the next year, McLamb wound up throwing away some old songs, writing some new ones and recording the whole album all over again, bouncing between 21 musicians and four cities before he and co-producer B.J. Burton decided they were done. It was one of those times when recording was harder than writing, but now that it’s all in the past, McLamb describes himself as “genuinely happy.” McLamb will  be guest editing all week. Read our brand-new feature on the band.


McLamb: After 32 years, I’m still proud to call North Carolina home and know so many crazy talented bastards. Here’s links to some of my favorites.

The Toddlers
The Critters
Twelve Thousand Armies
The Human Eyes
The Lollipops
Free Clinic
Bitter Resolve
Sylvan Esso
Floating Action
Gross Ghost, Goner
Drag Sounds
Wilde Blood
Paint Fumes
Last Year’s Men
Heads On Sticks
Spider Bags
The Naked Gods
Lilac Shadows
Wesley Wolfe
Whatever Brains