From The Desk Of Mandolin Orange: Tar Heels Basketball

MandolinOrangeHours after Barack Obama took his oath of office on Jan. 20, 2009, Carrboro, N.C., burrito joint Armadillo Grill hosted an old-time music jam. That night, Andrew Marlin, a self-taught guitarist, found a complement and foil in Emily Frantz, a well-studied fiddler. The collaboration that started then quickly adopted the name Mandolin Orange, and the duo’s debut, Quiet Little Room, arrived in 2010. Third album, the magnificent This Side Of Jordan (Yep Roc), Mandolin Orange surges with a full band’s depth without sacrificing any of the front-porch closeness or weary sincerity of previous efforts. Mandolin Orange will be guest editing all week. Read our brand new feature on the duo.


Emily: Anyone who follows our Twitter feed knows how out-of-hand things can get during March Madness and the ACC regular season. (Dukies, beware and begone.) I grew up going to Tar Heels games from toddler age—my dad used to bribe my sisters and me with nachos to get us to go to games. Now we fight over the two upper-level tickets, of course. The intensity of college basketball in central North Carolina is a welcome hobby during the otherwise boring winter months. I’m sure I’ve put off many a rival fan with lots of obnoxious statements and cuss words, but it’s just in my blood.

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