The Flaming Lips Almost Killed Me: Reign Of Terror


Will repeated listening to the Flaming Lips‘ dark, depressing and intense new album drive you insane? MAGNET’s Matthew Fritch aims to find out. Welcome to the Terrordome.

As should be obvious by the gaping chasm between posts in this purportedly regular series, The Terror is over (if you want it). Reviewing The Terror for weeks on end didn’t exactly kill my enthusiasm for the album, but it didn’t intensify it, either. Being on the receding limb of musical enjoyment isn’t much fun; it was time to put the Flaming Lips away for a while. Besides, there’s a new Bill Callahan album to obsess over—that guy has been killing it for the last four LPs, by the way.

In my first post, I promised a hastily conceived infographic, and I will keep that promise. The visual interpretation of “You Lust” below is not only hastily conceived but also poorly executed. There’s not even a legend or key, so just know that this maps out every time the jarring “lust to succeed” sequence happens (represented by the Swami head) and highlights that long middle section where I forget what happens.