From The Desk Of Hard Working Americans: CYDWOQ Cliff Dwellers Shoes (Brown Shoes Don’t Make It. Or Do They?)

HWALogoGonzo troubadour Todd Snider is the de facto leader of Hard Working Americans, a band that evolved out of his friendship with Widespread Panic bassist Dave Schools. The group’s self-titled debut began as a collection of Snider’s favorite songs, many from past tourmates like country traditionalist Kieran Kane (“The Mountain Song”) and the Bottle Rockets’ Brian Henneman (“Welfare Music”). Two of the album’s most memorable tracks (“Another Train” and “I Don’t Have A Gun”) are credited to Will Kimbrough, who played in Snider’s ’90s backup band, the Nervous Wrecks. Snider and Schools will be guest editing all week. Read our brand new feature on them.


Schools: Handmade to spec in Burbank, Calif., with enough stylistic choices to choke upon. These cobbled-looking leather shoes surround your feet with more than what an old friend once called “foot cages.” It’s as if a breathing human being with red blood pumping through their veins and a modicum of skill and pride in their workmanship actually considered the wearers’ feet when making these shoes. I put these suckers on and wore them for about 10 hours straight the very first day I had them . When I finally took them off my feet were truly disappointed, and I wanted to put them back on.

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