From The Desk Of The Faint: Jackson Street Booksellers

Nearly six years after the release of strangely desiccated 2008 album Fasciinatiion and one lengthy stroll down wait-is-this-a-hiatus-or-a-break-up? lane, the Faint has reemerged from the shadows to deliver up Doom Abuse—a vital, manic comeback triumph shellacked in an exquisite devil-may-fucking-care electro-sheen. Guitarist Dapose will be guest editing all wee. Read our brand new Q&A with him.


Dapose: This is a super-fun used bookstore in Omaha. The people who work there are just the best people ever. You come in, and there are books piled everywhere. Mountains and boxes of treasures. You can find little corners around the maze of towering shelves and sink into an old chair and grab almost any book and just lose all track of reality. The charm of this place is that for me, it is truly magical. I remember buying all kinds of books my mom wouldn’t have approved of in high school in order to craft better lyrics for the death-metal band I played in. Any book on demons or serial killers was a big help. Nowadays, I’m mostly spending hours in the gardening section. Half the time I come in, the owners have books waiting for me that they picked out, and they end up being the most amazing books!