From The Desk Of A Sunny Day In Glasgow: “U Talkin’ U2 To Me?”

It’s no longer an aberration for artists to collaborate in the cloud, given the ease with which most of the world accesses high-speed internet. And A Sunny Day In Glasgow—collectively based in Philadelphia, Brooklyn and Sydney, Australia—creates the sort of impressionistic guitar pop that feels ripe for working in the ether. But that doesn’t mean the process of writing fine new album Sea When Absent (Lefse) across three cities and two hemispheres was ideal. In fact, the method was so present that it became a centerpiece of its narrative. The band will be guest editing all week. Read our new feature on the band.


Jen Goma Ryan: The podcast U Talkin’ U2 To Me? features Scott Auckerman of Comedy Bang Bang fame and Adam Scott, who is proud of his work with the TV show Parks And Recreation. While both hosts are U2 fans, Adam outs himself early and often as a true mega-fan. It’s this very quality that makes him the lifeblood, the beating heart, if you will, of the show. The yang to Adam’s yin, Scott’s seasoned podcast experience and cooler veneer make him an excellent host, apt at pushing them forward. That is to say, Scott may be driving the ship, but Adam is the precious cargo. There are however, some iTunes reviewers who have responded less positively to the podcast.

Listen guys, the reason for the season is U2, but it’s not the only reason we like this podcast. We celebrate the diverse minds of these two men. Whether it’s films or fuckstyle, they will thoroughly discuss stuff together, which is all they promised and all we really wanted.

The podcast has a strong satirical edge (not surprising coming Mr. Auckerman, a writer who cut his teeth with legendary sketch program Mr. Show), and functions as a meta-commentary on the sometimes meandering, referential, navel gazing and bloated nature of the podcast medium. A recent episode was a audio commentary of their very first episode. They talk over themselves the entire episode, ostensibly to provide illuminating facts and trivia, but in actuality, parodying the often self-congratulatory nature of audio commentary to disposable culture.

And we’re gonna miss it when the podcast ends, which will happen after they review the newest U2 album that has been expected to drop for more than a year now.