From The Desk Of Delta Spirit: Tennis

Delta Spirit’s new album, Into The Wide (Dualtone), is full of anti-war and pro-working-class songs, steeped in literary and biblical images that will make them resonate with almost any listener. The music is deep and moody, playing off the sound of chiming rock guitars, driving rhythms and anthemic vocals against a thick wall of dark, almost industrial noise. The songs paint pictures of the disenfranchised, disillusioned and downcast citizens of our country, folks struggling to get by, but still maintaining their faith in the promises of the American dream. Delta Spirit will be guest editing all week. Read our new feature on the band.


Kelly Winrich: Most people I know say they hate tennis because it’s boring to watch on TV. I thought the same thing until about two years ago when the band was in Australia for the Big Day Out festival. Big Day Out is a traveling festival, so we got to hit a bunch of different Australian cities over the course of two weeks. When the festival hit Melbourne, coincidentally, the Australian Open was going on and we happened to have a day off—we actually had more days off in Oz than show days, so the fest was nicknamed appropriately, Big Day Off. Like I said before, I had never been into watching tennis, but Vasquez somehow finagled two tickets to the men’s semifinal, and I didn’t have anything better to do, so I went. Roger Federer and Andy Murray were playing, two names I had heard of but never really gave a shit. Somehow, and I mean I literally don’t know how we got these seats, we were sitting in the 7 Network box (comparable to NBC/ABC/CBS in Australia) front row, right on the base line. We could hear these dudes breathing we were so close. And for the next two hours or so, I watched one of the most intense games I have ever seen. Something about a huge arena where everyone is completely silent between points makes for even more intensity. Plus, watching Federer, arguably the best tennis player of all time, live was pretty insane. So after watching this game, I’ve been obsessed, and have followed it ever since.

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