Gwyneth Moreland Makes MAGNET A Mix Tape


Singer/songwriter Gwyneth Moreland readies for the release of her new album, Ceiling Floors And Open Doors, out November 14. Her music is beautifully simple folk/rock that’s calm and relaxing. It tells a familiar story, but does so in a subtle and entertaining fashion. Now, Moreland has been so kind as to make MAGNET a mix tape. Check it out below.

Jeffrey Martin “Old Good Friend”
We all have loved someone who just can’t seem to get ahead. This sweet song is written by one of my favorite West Coast songwriters. Video

Guy Clark “Dublin Blues”
One of my favorite Guy Clark tunes, it is a timeless song of longing. Video

Gillian Welch “I Dream A Highway”
The first thing you may notice about this song is that it is 14 minutes long, so needless to say you have to be in the right place and time to listen to it and fully absorb it. I first started loving this song when it would pop on my iPod shuffle during those epic midnight drives on tour. I would feel like I was actually a part of the song. “I dream a highway back to you love, a winding ribbon with a band of gold.” Video

Cat Power “Silver Stallion”
As always, Charlyn really makes this cover totally her own. Originally done by the Highwaymen, it really has a different impact coming from the feminine point of view. Video

Hazel Dickens “West Virginia, Oh My Home”
Hazel was just a small-town girl at heart, and I can truly identify with that. This song has been known to pull my heart strings more than once while far away from home. Video

Billie Holiday “Fine And Mellow”
This is a live video/recording that starts off with a great quote from Lady Day: “Blues is kind of a mixed up thing, you just have to feel it. Anything I do sing, it’s a part of my life.” Billie wrote this jazz standard. “Love is like a faucet, it turns off and on, sometimes when you think it’s on, baby, it has turned off and gone.” Video

Jesse Fuller “San Francisco Bay Blues”
The amazing one-man band. Video