From The Desk Of The Kellys: Gamblin Oil Paint

Whenever Jeff Kelly takes a break from piloting Seattle’s Green Pajamas on their world tour of uncharted psych/pop waters, he likes to collaborate vocally with a woman. Until now that person has been GPJ alternate lead singer Laura Weller in a partnership called Goblin Market. Kelly didn’t have to venture far from the home fires for his most recent female vocal foil. With his wife Susanne as an equal partner, the pair has come up with By Reckless Moonlight (Green Monkey), a little gem that visits places no Jeff Kelly LP has been before. Susanne may insist she’s not really a singer, but her voice knows just the right moves to counterbalance Jeff’s ethereal sound from a previous lifetime. The Kellys will be guest editing all week. Read our recent feature on them.


Susanne: Speaking of businesses that are smash-mouth, I have to mention Gamblin. Robert Gamblin is a painter who makes paint. His colorhouse is located in Portland, Ore. A couple of colors that have changed my life are his Transparent Orange and Radiant Blue. He says, “What we’re really doing, is we’re concentrating emotions trapped in oil and pigment and putting them in tubes” (NEA Arts magazine). Also fantastic is the Torrit Gray Gamblin puts out yearly and gives away free to painters. Named for the Torit air-filtration system, the paint is milled from the particulates collected over the course of the year. It varies from batch to batch depending upon which colors were more heavily produced. The grays can go from pearly cool grays to visceral purpley ones. “Pigment dust should not go into the earth, water or landfill, but into paint,” says Robert Gamblin. Pretty great stuff!

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