From The Desk Of Dengue Fever: Francesca Gabbiani

MAGNET knows a thing or two about good music, art and interesting people, so when Dengue Fever was asked to be guest editors, we all replied within minutes: ”Yes, please!” We have had our noses to the grindstone as of late because that’s what you need to do when you release your latest full-length studio album, The Deepest Lake, on your own label, Tuk Tuk Records. It’s a hell of a lot of work, and us sitting down and writing about subjects other than ourselves sounded like a great respite. So thank you, MAGNET. Enjoy the info, rants and inspirations. Who knows where they’ll take you …


Senon Williams: Francesca Gabbiani paints​ a picture of reality like an abstracted snapshot. She gives us enough of the painting, but not too much as to the limit thought and imagination. I fill in the blanks with my mind. Her meticulous technique of collage gives the feeling of either dedication to her craft or psychosis. The power and time it took for her​ to create her art gives ​deep meaning. There is a series of paintings she created depicting fire. Fragments of paper glued creating an inferno, stunning to look at. Her art has me ponder the meaning of art and the strength of an idea in influencing ​the mind. It also draws thought to a moment that existed and now it’s gone, a fleeting moment, like her series of work using film stills. She paints very akin to how I think about music. I especially love her piece that depicts flames swallowing a piano. It has the power of a beautiful song in its last crescendo. Gabbiani’s medium has been based in collage through the years but has always surprised me with new ways of looking at the world. In her earlier work I spent more time looking at the subject and in her recent paintings I spend more time looking between the shapes and into the space, pondering my thoughts in life and humanity. Gabbiani’s art is full with life and humanity, just look between the cuts and corners.

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