From The Desk Of The Dodos: Every Thin Lizzy Guitar Solo

For five albums—starting with 2006’s Beware Of The Maniacs—there was always something playful, almost ephemeral about the Dodos, as if they might simply stop recording at any moment. But the duo just issued its crowning achievement, new sixth set Individ, which sets serious subjects to Logan Kroeber’s galloping drum beats, Meric Long’s vibrato-resonant vocals and ethereal finger-picked filigrees, on thoughtful tracks like “Darkness,” “Bastard,” “Precipitation” and an ominous “Goodbyes And Endings.” Long and Kroeber will be guest editing all week. Read our new feature on them.


Kroeber: What was one of my favorite songs of 2014? A 72-minute mega mix of Thin Lizzy guitar solos, that’s what! To some people, this might sound tedious, but I dare you to press play and not feel stoked. As the mix progresses, it’s fun to hear all of Phil Lynott’s vocal ad-libs going into and coming out of the solos.