From The Desk Of Albert Hammond Jr.: Exercising

Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. just released his third album, Momentary Masters (Vagrant/BMG). Now sober, married and living in upstate New York, Hammond has made his finest solo effort to date. We asked him to guest edit all week. Read our new MAGNET Feedback feature with him.


Hammond: In Manhattan, I’ve been going to Complete Body Gym on 19th street. It’s this old-school bodybuilding gym in the basement. You wouldn’t believe the size of it from the tiny storefront. It feels quite private of a place for the size, and I like zoning out and working out. If I’m in L.A., I’ll go boxing with my wife at Wild Card. She went with my art director Lizzie Nanut for the first time. I moaned that I wasn’t invited and then went with her, and the rest is history. She has a big bruise on her knuckle. She’s been kicking ass. I like the intensity that boxing has. Also, learning a new rhythm is refreshing. You feel yourself getting smarter when you make your brain learn knew things. Very easy to stop learning when you get older.

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