Essential New Music: Telekinesis’ “Ad Infinitum”


Michael Benjamin Lerner has reached a career point where other artists might start to settle into their carved-out sound. Instead of recycling the effervescent power pop found on (most of) his previous records, Lerner explores bold new frontiers on Ad Infinitum. Despite suggestions of a more synthesizer-heavy direction on portions of 2013’s Dormarion, Lerner’s approach to his fourth Telekinesis album is nonetheless surprising. With each song comes a new exploration of both humanity and technology, underscored by dreamy soundscapes and crisp drum programming. Lush arrangements on “Sleep In” and “In A Future World” give Lerner room to experiment, while the taut “Courtesy Phone” and “Edgewood” bring new energy to the “classic” Telekinesis sound. While not as immediate a confection as past releases, Ad Infinitum is Telekinesis’ Golden Record: broadcast into the cosmos, its twinkling message serving as a reminder of where it’s been and where it’s going.

—Eric Schuman