Pelicans And Their Allies Make MAGNET A Mix Tape


To build up the hype for the new EP from Pelicans And Their Allies, Robert Higgs has created a mix tape just for our MAGNET readers. Since the band just released a music video for “Just Like July,” Higgs has compiled a list of his favorite music videos for his mix tape. Check it out below. Pelicans And Their Allies will be out November 11. Says Higgs, “I am a video editor by day, and I made the video for our single, ‘Just Like July,’ so it seemed fitting to make a mix tape of fun songs that have great videos.”

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin “Sink/Let It Sway”
I love this song so much, especially the opening line: “Pretty girls don’t just park where they want to/They gotta look around in circles like we all do.” Great power pop that’s smart lyrically and musically. And the Point Break music video with the band running all over town is so much fun and really matches the energy of the song. Video

Tegan And Sara “Closer”
See them live if you can—they are delightful and hilarious and charming as hell. This is a great dancey pop song, and the video will make you want to throw your own karaoke slumber party. Video

The Barr Brothers “Beggar In The Morning”
A gorgeous song and a beautiful video that is as much a great piece of art as it is a music video. The puppets and the photography and lighting are so great—hypnotic and mesmerizing, spinning and drifting in and out of focus. Plus I really love Rube Goldberg-type contraptions and mechanisms that look and feel hand-made. My favorite is the puppet that plays the harp. (By the way, there is a full time harp player in the band, although you can’t really hear her on this particular tune). Video

Dr. Dog “Shadow People”
For a while, this was my go-to “have you seen this?” video that I would show to anyone who came to my house. I love the song so much. I think it’s only two chords, but the great and the ever-changing arrangement makes it so lush and elaborate. The video is beautifully shot and edited, and the senior-citizen skaters are so good. Video

Jónsi “Animal Arithmetic”
If you don’t know him, Jónsi is the lead singer from Sigur Rós. He made a great record called Go Do that is superb. I could have picked any song from the album. This video really captures and reinforces the energy of the frenetic drums and the pure joy of the song. I watched this video without knowing who he was and immediately bought a ticket to his show. It remains one of the best concert experiences I’ve ever had. If you like this, rent or buy Jonsi Live At The Wiltern to see the mind-blowing show. Video

Mates Of State “My Only Offer”
Great song, catchy as hell. Fun video. I love them, and this is my favorite song from what I consider to be their best album. I love watching her play glockenspiel and piano simultaneously. Video

Generationals “Put A Light On”
I know New Orleans is the jazz city. I get it. And I love jazz. But Generationals are my favorite New Orleans music. In fact, when I first heard that David Simon was making a TV show about the New Orleans music scene (the great HBO show Treme), my first thought was, “Oh, maybe the Generationals will be on it.” Turns out, the show is about jazz, though. But I love this song (and all their songs, really) and the video gives you some New Orleans eye candy. Video

Tokyo Police Club “Wait Up (Boots Of Danger)”
The title alone is enticing enough for me. But the song is so catchy and fun and rocking and filled with ooh-oohs. I love this band more and more all the time. And the video of dogs jumping into a swimming pool is the greatest. The greatest, I tell you. The shot from underwater of the dog swimming with its mouth open to drink like a whale gets me every time. Watch this over and over. I do. Video

Stars “Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It”
The best way to find new music is to hear something you’ve never heard before on a mix tape that someone makes for you. With that in mind, I figured I should include a song that I found on a mix tape someone gave to me. My friend Christine (who made the beautiful tinfoil owl in our “Just Like July” video) makes a Valentine’s Day mix most years. This song was on one of those mixes. Great bittersweet power pop. I’m obsessed with the line: “Take the weakest thing in you/And then beat the bastards with it.” That’s the kind of line you’re always hoping to hear in a song. And the drag-queen fashion show video is fantastic. Enjoy. Video