From The Desk Of Vanessa Carlton: Victor

Liberman is Vanessa Carlton’s latest solo set and fifth overall. With classical-motif tracks like “Blue Pool,” “Take It Easy” and backward-masking-dense closer “Ascension,” Carlton has seriously upped her game, and is now composing complex etudes that easily eclipse her chiming Grammy-nominated hit from 2002, “A Thousand Miles.” Carlton will be guest editing all week. Read our feature on her.

Carlton: Victor is the key to the road. Having a dog to take care of makes you take care of yourself. When I toured with Stevie Nicks in 2005, she let me in on this secret. I was this sad girl who would sit in her wall-to-wall carpeted dressing room on a puffy couch just waiting for the show to start. All I had on my rider was a roast chicken, a packet of raspberries and a bottle of vodka—I created no vibe. I didn’t know how to tour. I hated it. Stevie swept in and took me into her dressing room and showed me all her creature comforts, including her two dogs. She basically said getting a dog is gonna change the game. And it totally did. Victor is a special guy so he wins everybody over. He is my finest representative aside from my husband, and he makes even the shittiest backstage area cute and lively.