From The Desk Of M. Ward: Musée Picasso, Antibes, France

M. Ward: When I finished my first record back in 2000, the first European companies to support my music were based in Brussels (62TV) and Paris (Le Disque Mange Tout). So I spent a lot of time traveling around western Europe playing music and trying to learn French, but also finding time to play le touriste américain. I feel fortunate that I’ve had the time to see some of the greatest museums and public spaces in the world. They have blown my mind too many times to mention.


Ward: I think certain museums in Europe exist because either the building (usually very old) or the setting (usually very amazing) or the history (historic) seemed to someone long ago that the place deserves to be made available to the public. This one has all the above. It’s a small-ish old castle overlooking the Mediterranean with some rare works you have probably never seen. The fact that you are in a castle overlooking the Mediterranean with only a few pieces in every room adds to the effect of everything on display. It makes you feel like you would never need going to a big museum again.

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