From The Desk Of M. Ward: Tate Modern, London, England

M. Ward: When I finished my first record back in 2000, the first European companies to support my music were based in Brussels (62TV) and Paris (Le Disque Mange Tout). So I spent a lot of time traveling around western Europe playing music and trying to learn French, but also finding time to play le touriste américain. I feel fortunate that I’ve had the time to see some of the greatest museums and public spaces in the world. They have blown my mind too many times to mention.


Ward: A more obvious choice for this post, but still, I stop here every chance I get. I love where its situated across the Thames from St. Paul’s and overlooking the Millennium Bridge. A few floors are always free, but if you have the time, try to see at least one of the special exhibits. Best sights first time I was there: the Rothko room and the main entrance room, which is the size of an airplane hangar. Big discovery: Maya Deren.

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