Essential New Music: The Coathangers’ “Nosebleed Weekend”


It’s been 10 years since we first got a burnt copy of a burnt copy of the Coathangers. It was the dawn of the social networking era, but the Coathangers didn’t reach our stereo via MySpace. Instead, they found us the way all the best punk rock should: word of mouth, from ravenous nerd to ravenous nerd. They hailed from the same strange, explosive Millennial Atlanta music scene that had given the world Black Lips and Deerhunter. They were wild, badass and hilarious.And nothing’s really changed—they’re still badass, only better at writing songs. (And they were really good at writing songs.) On their fifth album, the ’Hangers burrow deep into the world of post-garage pop that feels not too far afield from Georgia indie-rock kin Pylon covering Suzi Quatro.

—Sean L. Maloney