From The Desk Of Aloha: CDs


Tony Cavallario: I’m not aiming to be contrarian hipster guy when I herald the return of the compact disc. I’m not predicting a renaissance like vinyl has had. But just wait until millennials find out that CDs are like tiny little vinyls that can fit in the pocket of your parka. You can even put them in a Discman, then put that Discman in your parka pocket. You don’t need a subscription or data. Walk into any Record Exchange-type place and see how much digital damage you can do with that $20 grandma gave you. I recently bought five Depeche Mode discs with a 20 and had money for coffee to spare. You cannot get a single copy of the Black Celebration reissue for that price! With a CD, you get all the artwork. You get flawless audio. You get that long run time that made rap skits and bonus tracks possible. No need to make playlists for a makeout sesh, just put on that Maxwell and hit repeat. And many recordings, like my beloved Violator, were intended for the CD format, which counts for something. Look, grunge is picking up momentum on the streets of Brooklyn. Kids are flying the flannel and the girls are looking like Lindsay Weir. The trend-making art kids like artifacts. Those kids are pretty broke. They buy what’s in the thrift stores. Everybody else falls in line. It may end up a niche market, but I know I’ll soon be seeing CD players on some Instagrammed Expedit/Kallax shelves soon.

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